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Why is it called "Anclote"?
According to Wilfred T. Neill in the Pasco Times of March 20, 1977: "The name Anclote dates back to early Spanish times. The Spaniards called these islands Cabo de Anclote -- Cape of the Kedge Anchor -- because ships had to use a kedge to winch their way through the shallow water or the winding channels. And early French sailors called the islands Cap d'Anclote, which, of course, has the same meaning as Cabo de Anclote." The name is found on a 1715 map. Some early maps label Anclote Keys as Haley's Keys; this name was given by Capt. James Cook (1728-1779), and the islands were named for his mate.

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Places to go
Sponge Docks
Definitely the heart of the Anclote River, shop at over 100 stores or eat at more than 15 restaurants.
Anclote Gulf Park
Great trail, wonderful wildlife and great fishing.
J.B. Starkey's Flatwoods Adentures
Take a 1.5 hour eco-tour ride on a safari buggy at Anclote River Ranch.
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News & Updates
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Anclote River Flooding History
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